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percent share◆ of the globa○l market in 2017, 5 ■percentage○ points highe●r than in 2016, whic○h boosted profit■ability, Meng● said.Durin■g the past 10 y●ears, Huaw○ei


t●he E

has spent 394◆ billion yuan i○n research ●and development,● including 〓89.7 billion yuan l〓ast year."We st●ill face grav■e technological cha◆llenges," sai●d Hu Houkun,


uropean ●Ec

Huawei●'s rotating c■hairman. He sai●d the comp●any is good at in〓novating products, b〓ut needs catch up ◆in terms of fundam●ental technology, su〓ch as artifi●cial int


onomic Area. I

elligen◆ce, virtual an●d augmented realit◆y.The domestic mar■ket, as well◆ as markets in Asi○a-Pacific,○ the Middl●e East, and ○Europe are expected ●to dr


ive growth ●for the company○ in the future, H●u said.In res●ponse to a r〓eporter's questio〓n, Hu said that the● company recently e■xperienced dif■ficulties in the U.●S. market, which ◆has prompted it to○ "work harder i●n other mark

ets〓."News reports s〓aid in Janua●ry that Huawei's pla■nned deal with〓 U.S. tele●com carrier AT&T〓 to sell its ■smartphones in the〓 United Sta●tes suffered a setba●ck. China's ○commerce mini■stry voice■d opposition to○ trade

pro◆tectionism over 〓the incide■nt.Headquartered in ○the south China ci●ty of Shenzhen,■ privately-own○ed Huawei is a world●-leading tele●com solution provid○er and also ●the world's thi●rd-largest smartphon〓e brand, behi●nd Apple

and● Samsung.Please scan● the QR Code to foll●ow us on Ins●tagramPlea●se scan the Q〓R Code to fol●low us on Wech●atHuawei ey〓es bigger sli○ce of high-end pieHu●awei eyes bigger■ slice of hig◆h-end pieHuawei eyes● bigger slice of hi

g○h-end pie03-29-201〓8 09:07 BJTSm■artphone ve〓ndor Huawei Tech○nologies Co Ltd u●nveiled its lates■t smartphones in〓 Paris on ●Tuesday, in● a new push ■to grab mar◆ket share from Appl■e Inc and Sa■msung Elec○tronics Co in Europe

◆."Western E◆urope is of great● strategic signif●icance to 〓Huawei, especiall●y as the co◆mpany encounters bot●tlenecks in the U〓S. It is adjusti◆ng its str●ategies toward◆ the high-en◆d smartphone〓 segment in Eu〓rope to gain a gre

at■er market sh○are," said Jia M●o, senior analyst a●t market r○esearch firm Can●alys.Huawei's P20 pr○emium version, the P■20 Pro, co〓mes with a triple ○Leica came■ra which i●s regarded a◆s the best camer●a among exi〓sting handse

ts○, an upgrade in clea●r response t■o the recent unv◆eiling of the ◆Samsung Gala■xy S9 in Barcelona■."We will not st■op in our ■efforts to expl◆ore the integration● of technolo●gy into smartpho■ne photography," s●aid Yu Chen〓gdo

ng, CEO〓 of Huawei's consu●mer busines○s group.The P20 〓Pro is embedded● with bett●er sensors ●and AI technolo■gies so that custo■mers can take phot○os even whe●n it is da○rk and can capture ■what the compan◆y claims a〓re "incred

ible" de●tails at a dist◆ance."These brea●kthroughs reveal Hua■wei's strong amb○ition to tak○e on its rivals ●in the Europ〓ean market, whe○re they ha◆ve gained some mome〓ntum," said Jia.Hu〓awei's smar●tphone shipm◆ents in Eur●ope

grew more t●han 50 percen●t in the first h●alf of 2017 an●d it now ships more○ phones than Samsung○ or Apple in I■taly and Spain锛峵wo m○ajor smartphone m〓arkets."However, i◆t still has 〓some gaps with Ap■ple and Samsung i■n Weste

rn Eu◆rope in the● high-end se○ctor," noted Jia,◆ adding that whe●ther consum●ers will swi●tch to Huawei sti●ll needs to be expl■ored as the new●ly launched smartph●ones are priced ◆high.The c●ompany als〓o launched ■Porsche Des■

ign Huawei M●ate RS, a luxury ●version th●at shares all ◆the features〓 of the P20 Pro bu●t has an in-displ○ay fingerpri●nt sensor in additio◆n to a second fi●ngerprint sensor on ●the rear.Huawei'○s P20 Pro ●will be so○ld at up to?/p>

?899 euros ($1,113◆) in Europe compared● with the i〓Phone X, whic●h is priced at arou◆nd 1,359 eur◆os in some Europ◆ean countries.Th●e move came on the s●ame day that X●iaomi launched i〓ts new MIX 2●S series, revealing ○an ultra-c

ompet〓itive marke◆t among Chinese ●smartphone vend●ors."We notice◆ that Huawei often■ holds its ●launch cer○emonies for ■high-end phones ab●road, which exp〓ands its ove〓rseas recognitio●n and improves its ○brand image in China●,"

Jia added.Please ◆scan the QR◆ Code to foll○ow us on Instagram〓Please scan ■the QR Code ●to follow us o〓n WechatHuawe○i launches P20 a●nd P20 Pro smartpho●nesHuawei launches P■20 and P20 Pr○o smartphonesHu○awei launches P20 an◆d

P20 Pro smartph◆ones03-28-20●18 14:29 BJTH●uawei's latest sma◆rtphone, bo●asting a t●hree lens, A●I-powered ca●mera has been off●icially launched in ●France.The ●new P20 Pro device● follows in the ●footsteps of● competitors Apple

■and Samsung's lat●est releases● by focusing■ on the camera's ◆capabilities.At a s●mart launch event i■n Paris, Richard 〓Yu, CEO of◆ Huawei's Co●nsumer Business Gro●up takes the sta■ge to present th●eir new latest sma〓rtphones: th

e P20■ and P20 Pro.○He describes i○t as: "Mas○ter photogr●aphy powered by AI".〓The Chines●e communic■ations giant is ●hoping its up〓graded camera● will sway shoppers ●into choosing● them over riv●als Apple ●and Samsung.■The devi

ce's m■ain camera boasts ■AI (artifici◆al intellig〓ence) and three le●nses.Yu describe〓s it as: "A break■through in● mobile photography〓. This is the solut●ion. The revolutiona●ry 14 mega 〓pixel Leica tri●ple camera on the H■uawei

P20 Pro."The ■new P20 Pro has a 6●.1-inch OL◆ED display wit■h 2,240x10◆80 pixels.The■ slim device ■is also just 7.8 m○m thick, b○ut it's the〓 three lens L■eica camera that Hu○awei's sho○uting loudest 〓about.It ha○s a 20-megapixe

l mon●ochrome lens, an● RGB colour● lens and a〓 telephoto len〓s.With a wide ○aperture of F1.6●, the camera fun〓ctions wel○l in low light cond〓itions.It ha〓s a larger〓 sensor in com〓parison to ■its closest m◆arket compet◆itors, t

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nt○) in second○ place.Please sca○n the QR Code t●o follow us● on InstagramPle●ase scan th○e QR Code to f〓ollow us on ■WechatPorsche〓 Design Huawei ●Mate 10 lau〓nching in U.S.Porsch○e Design H■uawei Mate ◆10 launching● in U.S.Porsche〓 Design Huawei Mate ●10 launchin■g in U.S.03-〓09-2018 13:08 BJTLOS● ANGELES, M○arch 8 (Xinhu〓a) -- Porsche Design○ Group and ◆Huawei, the● Chinese giant make○r of telecommuni●cations equipm■ent, bring Po◆rsche Design HUA■WEI Mate 10 to ■the United State◆s, deliveri○ng highly discern●ing customers an e●xperience with r◆evolutionar●y speed, extens●ive battery life, a●nd functional des●ign cues."The ph○one is bran○d new to the● market in ■the United St●ates. It delivered○ to all of ○our Porsche Desig◆n stores at th○e end of Feb●ruary," Adam McC■ollum, head of p◆ublic relatio●ns of Porsche● Design of America,○ Inc., tol■d Xinhua in an ema■il on Thursda〓y.The technol〓ogically powerf●ul new device, ■driven by artificia〓l intellige●nce, combines Po■rsche Design's ●aesthetic craft with■

Huawei's mobile eng◆ineering ex●pertise."As the phon●e has been sel◆ling for just around◆ a week, the only ◆customer feedba〓ck we've received● has been fr■om the in-store● clients, w◆ho really lov●e the sleek d●esign of th◆e device and t◆he features o◆ffered, whi○ch is why t〓hey say they purcha●sed the ph○one," McCollum add◆ed.With built-in A■I and a comb■ination of 6GB RAM a●nd 256GB ROM,● the phone is the to●p-end device i〓


n Huawei's〓 current product r○ange, and feat○ures the large◆st memory cortex of ●the whole HUA◆WEI Mate10 s●eries -- ide●al for vastly st〓oring photos, vi〓deos, and docum○ents."With H○uawei we have a pa■ssionate and wo●rld-wide respe●cted partner ●that shares our goa〓ls and val●ues, which built ●the foundation fo■r the creation of ○the new Porsche D○esign HUAWEI Mate 〓10. We are deli○ghted to contin●ue the successful p○artnership with H●uawei and bring an o●utstanding● smart phone◆ to the market that● meets the expe■ctations of our de●manding an●d tech-savvy c◆ustomers," sai■d Jan Becker, CEO○ of Porsche Desi■gn Group in a stat■ement befo●re the official○ launching of the■ Porsche De○sign Huawe〓i Mate 10 ●in

the United St◆ates."Our partn○ership with Por◆sche Design r●eflects both bran●ds' philosophy● that superior d■esign is ju●st as impo●rtant as pe◆rformance, and ○with the Porsche● Design HUAWEI ●Mate 10, w■e are proud to 〓have achiev■ed both," said R◆ichard Yu, CEO of H●UAWEI Consumer Busi〓ness Gro

grew by■ 28 perce

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